And here we are, exposing ourselves.

Well, this is it.

My courgette cake is in its last stages of baking. The game numbers are laminated and cut out, the instructions printed. I’ve got compost information fliers to pass round. And we’re all coming early to scramble and pull up any last minute weeds.

Tomorrow is the community garden’s first open day. We’ll all be there, anxious, from 11 ’til 2, hoping that people from the local area might want to stop by and see what we’ve been up to. And then lend a hand in the future? Even if that just means dropping off their food waste every once in awhile. Seriously, we’ve got some taaasty baked goods on the way. If you are in West London, stopping by tomorrow should be imperative JUST because Kathy is making two flans and hopefully her epic rhubarbonade.

And who doesn’t enjoy a good gardening based trivia game?

Most importantly, this is another one of those times when we can all get together to rock out and talk about the potential for Ealing’s local food movement. And in a lot of ways, it does seem to start with a diverse group of people teaming up to restore a derelict allotment into a productive organic growing site. Hopefully if anyone turns up tomorrow they’ll come away thinking about where their food comes from and how their behavior impacts the local ecosystem.

Oh, and with a free strawberry plant, too!

We’re at Village Park Allotments in South Ealing, West London. It’s located just off Popes Lane, across from the South Ealing Cemetery, and can be accessed via Rose Gardens. W5 4NT-ish! Just peer down the alleyway…

Though I hope we’ll manage a little sign-posting.

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